75 Best TH9 Bases Anti Everything/ All Base Designs!


Clash of clans app is a game where either you crush someone or get crushed. It is always a kill or die situation. And obviously you don’t want to get crushed and for this you want excellent strategies that make your village strong and unbeatable for your enemies. Here are some of the best 75+ TH9 base layouts , th9 war base, TH9 Farming bases , TH9 Trophy Bases and th9 Hybrid Base which will make your village a cleverly planned village. So often, people don’t prioritize their needs and then get confused while planning their strategies. This leads to poor Townhall 9 base layouts and eventually they get crushes. But if you don’t want to be one of them, we are here for you. Prioritize your needs and focus on the things that matter to you the most. Is it the town hall or the resources or being up on the board- you decide! Once you are done with that choose from the following collection of the best base layouts for TH9. Then you can easily lay out your village in an organized way that helps increase the overall strength of your village. These base layouts for TH9 , best Th9 war base, Townhall 9 farming base 2017, Best war th9 terkuat , TH9 hybrid base, will help with clever strategies and strong defense which is a great thing as it is one of the most important thing to do.

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th9 base


TH9 War Bases

TH9 War Base Anti Gowipe, GoBala, GowiHog With Bomb Tower

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coc th9 war base


coc th9 war base

TH9 War Base Anti Gowipe 2017

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coc th9 war base

COC Town Hall 9 War Base Anti Gowipe

coc th9 war base

TH9 War Base Anti 2 Star

Base War TH 9 Terkuat

coc th9 war baseClash of Clans Th9 war base anti 2 star with bomb towercoc th9 war base

Town hall 9 war base anti 1 Star

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coc th9 war base

coc th9 war baseClash of clans Th9 war base anti 2 star with bomb towercoc th9 war base

TH9 Farming Bases

th9 farming base

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Best TH9 farming Bases Anti Everything New Update  2017 with bomb tower

th9 farming baseBest Th9 farming base with bomb towerth9 farming baseTown hall 9 Farming bases anti everything with Bomb Towerth9 farming base Read More: Beginners Guide To TH4 Base and Th5 Base
th9 farming baseTh9 Farming Base with Bomb Towerth9 farming base th9 farming base th9 farming base Don’t miss : This Best Attacking Townhall 6 Strategies 
th9 farming base

Th9 farming base 2017th9 farming base

TH9 Trophy Base 

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TH9 Hybrid Bases
th9 baseBest coc th9 Trophy Bases

th9 base th9 base

th9 base th9 base

Top Town hall 9 Hybrid Base with Bomb Tower

th9 base

th9 base

Best TH9 Hybrid Bases 2017

th9 base th9 base th9 base

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These were the best base layouts for TH9 bases 2017 , th9 war base , th9 farming base and th9 trophy base that you can choose from based on your priorities and strategies. Hope you already have you brain and hands working to make you village powerful. The best base layouts for TH9 can help you a lot with increasing your village’s strength. So, choose wisely and never forget to prioritize you needs. Haven’t Played Clash of Clans Download From Here: Clash of Clans Apk for Android 


75 Best TH9 Bases Anti Everything/ All Base Designs!
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  1. thank you! I just upgraded to TH10 but couldn’t find a base that was as good in defending DE as the fortress. I will use these Bases 😀

  2. Hi bud, thanks for this post, I appreciate all your work. I have been following your stuff for quite a while and find it really interesting
    Thanks Admin!

  3. Very nice War base, I tested it today in war and got some solid defense results!
    TH10 – scored 1 star (attacked from northeast)
    TH11 – scored 2 stars (attacked from the north)

  4. Hey love ur posts with base designs, Just curious love the stuff ur putting out and gonna recommend this base to one of the guys in my Clan who’s been looking for a new TH9 base.

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